Chorizo and Ham Sausage Hash

About the music: Whether you’re enjoying this delectable hash and egg combo for breakfast or breakfast for dinner, you’re bound to be feeling groovy as you prepare it. Face it, it’s a groovy dish. So the goal of the playlist we’ve come up for this recipe is to match the feel of the food. Start to finish, the songs are meant to take you on a wavy adventure of poppy disco (Cinnamon Chasers and Clive Tanaka), booty-shakin’ house music (Casino TImes, Chris Malinchak, and Justin Martin), and a genre bending groove-journey from Storm Queen. The Chasers’ Luv Deluxe and Tanaka’s All Right, All Night should last you through the preparation of the hashbrowns, then you’re gonna get slightly more down and dirty with the next three tracks while you sautée those browns to a crisp. Finally, the 8-minute Let’s Make Mistakes is the perfect egg-frying song (you’re probably going to wanna go for the flip somewhere around the 4:00 minute mark, then resume dancing). Enjoy!

Serves: 2-3
Cook time: 40 minutes

1/2 lb Baby Potatoes – quartered
1 large Shallot – coarsely chopped
1 very small onion or half an onion – finely chopped
1 yellow pepper – chopped
a good handfull of chopped parsley
2 ham sausages
1 chorizo sausage
parmasan cheese
olive oil
garlic powder
ground pepper
salt to taste
pepper to taste
paprika to taste
thyme to taste
1-2 eggs

Combine all chopped ingredients into a medium sized mixing bowl. Pour in olive oil and sprinkle with parmesan cheese generously. Season it up up with all the spices you may desire–you can really just eyeball it because it’s hash browns. Place onto a baking dish with tin foil and thrown it in the oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Grill the sausage when the potatoes are baking for their first 20 minutes, then cut them into little cubes. take out the potatoes and mix with sausage and cook for another 20 minutes. fry an egg or two with a few minutes to go, place on top of the dish and serve.

Mom’s Spaghetti Carbonara

About the music: I typed carbonara into youtube, and low behold, there is a real song (a kind of catchy song) titled Carbonara by the Italian rock band appropriately named Spliff, which really just solidified the song’s place at number one in the mix. After that are three new songs off brand new albums by some really cool bands and new artists ranging from bluegrass to folk to funk. After that, some classics take us home, and prepare us for the awesome meal we are about to eat.

Serves 6
Prep time: 30 minutes

In a mixing bowl, combine:
2 whole eggs
2 egg yolks
½ cup grated Parmesan Cheese
½ cup grated Romano Cheese
½ cup grated Asiago Cheese
Fresh ground pepper to taste
¾ cup white wine

Cook (fry or microwave) a lb. of bacon. Drain most of the grease but leave a small amount in the frying pan
Fry ¾ lb. cooked ham in the bacon grease until the edges are curled.
Cook a lb. of spaghetti (usually takes about 12 minutes)
Break the bacon into the frying pan with the warm ham and heat on medium to low heat.
Add ¾ cup of white wine

Strain the cooked pasta and rinse under hot water to rid it of starch
Add the spaghetti to the heated frying pan
Add the egg and cheese mixture to the frying pan
Toss all ingredients together until the egg begins to cook on the hot pasta.
Serve immediately

Tyler’s Famous PB&Jam Band with a Fried Egg

About the music: Like any good late night PB&J, this one is accompanied by only the finest tweezer selection from one of the best Phish runs of 3.0. So let Mike get you bouncing while you spread that jelly, and surrender to the power of the egg as Trey fluffs your mind pillow.

-2 slices of good quality bread (I like seeduction from Whole Foods)
-Good Jam (none of that Smuckers HFCS crap)
-Good quality organic peanut butter
-1 egg
-salt & pepper to taste

Prep Time: About 10 minutes

Spread the PB&J like you remember doing back in the days when you made PB&Js (like last tuesday). Heat a skillet on high heat, add butter and cook until browned. Place sandwich in pan and cook until crispy and brown. Meanwhile, in the same or separate pan fry an egg (I like over-easy but anything is fine- except scrambled, if you put scrambled eggs on a PB&J you must be some kind of communist). Flip the sandwich and cook for another 3-4 minutes. Remove from heat, plop the egg on top, sprinkle with salt and pepper, cut in half and watch the egg disperse itself into your perfect concoction of sweet and salty goodness (unless you over cooked the egg, in which case you might as well bag the entire operation.)

  • fritzi schnitzer

    Fantastic! I love this with my strawberry preserves BUT the key element for me is the 3 mandatory thick cut bacon slices on that juicy egg. Perfect antidote after a rough day.