Some Delightful Links

I basically feel like I’m living in the god damn arctic over here as I battle through what seems like the 100th snowy day of April. I figured I would share some things that are helping me though this bleak and cold Tuesday:

1) Hisham Zahran:  Never heard of this bro in my life, but he sure puts together one hell of a mix.  Lush, deep grooves for your morning. Listen Here

2) The band Dawes, out of California just released a new album and after three listens I can confirm that I really like it.  Some songs get a bit sappy for me but there are some gems in there with great melodies and arrangements and some lyrics that are right on point.  This song, my favorite from the album, spoke to me on many different levels.  Aside from having one of the catchiest melodies and refrains around, the lyrics basically describe every plane ride I have ever been on.


Daft Punk, Thriller and and an album 5 years in the making.

It’s hard to look at the imagery around Daft Punk’s forthcoming studio album and not see the parallels between the so named “Random Access Memories” and Michael Jacksons iconic, Thriller. The typeface, a near match to Thrillers album cover and the new sequen suits are clearly an hommage to the king of pop. But, if you lack any sort of imagination and need a really clear cut example, I present you with this.

The thing I find most interesting about the upcoming album is that for the last 5 + most fans have been bitterly complaining to themselves (myself included) about how it seemed like Daft Punk had been on an extended vacation, maybe learning jiu jitsu, who knows. But, in reality they’ve been working on the album, in one way or another, since 2008. Having spent the bulk of those 5 years searching for a new sound, combing the archives and synthesizing a myriad of genres to create the perfect sound – to bring the soul back into pop-music, or maybe just music in general.

Needless to say, I’m a little excited.

Nina Kraviz

This is an excellent video, not just because it has some good music and a hot girl, but its really well produced and Nina says a lot of on point things about the life of a DJ. It doesn’t matter that I’m basically in love with her…


If you, by chance, ever find yourself in the town of Düsseldorf, Germany there are many things should do, they include but are by no means limited to:

Eating a huge meat platter
Drinking an inordinate amount of German beer
Looking at lots of cool architecture

Now this last one, let me tell you. This venue is amazeballs. A small quaint circular stage/dancing area/thats all there is makes it an unreal place to get right up next to your favorite artist and dance your face off. We saw Breakbot and Aeroplane there in 2011 and it was one of the best shows I’ve seen. To top it off they have neon tubes of light hanging over the stage as a chandelier. I strongly suggest hitting this one up. Plus, Düsseldorf is a great town.

Here is a link to their site that announces the relatively underground and CHEAP shows.

And here is the show we saw, this poster (stolen off the streets of Düsseldorf) now hangs in my living room.


Farming the Sky

As an environmental and urban policy major as well as a food blogger, I am not just interested in how to cook food, but also where I am getting it.  That is going to be an increasingly difficult problem to solve as we move into the the next 20 years.  This solution from Architect Vincent Callebaut is one of many, but it sure is beautiful.  I would love to see skyscrapers like these popping up in cities, providing food, energy, green space and beauty to urban neighborhoods. Maybe even a Sandwich Funk Store in there?? Check out the article in Fast Company HERE.

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Sfunk Breakfasts

We are well aware of our lack of breakfast recipes on the site, but when both of us have jobs it becomes quite difficult to find the time to plan out and cook breakfast recipes. Other than our recent addition of Groovy Greens to our breaky repitoire, we have managed to make a couple standout dishes in the morning that never made it to the site.  Here they are in all their glory:

Spaghetti Carbonara Eggs Benedict:

Carbonara Benedict


Pancetta, cheese, caper, and sundried tomato croquettes with and everything bagel and a fried egg:

Croquettes and Eggs