About Us

Sandwich Funk is the brainchild of Avery Henderson and Tyler Morgan, a producer and cook respectively. The goal of Sandwich Funk is to bring together food, music, and people in a way that no other service has done before. We cook delicious recipes and pair them with hand selected playlists, matching the music to the feel of the dish, its prep time, and any other similarities we may find interesting. No lasagna should be left without an italo-disco accompaniment. Date-night dinner for two should not be enjoyed in silence, but with Barry Manilow and Marvin Gaye there to serenade you. Late night munch session without the wobblty-wobble of Opiuo, I think not my friends!

The goal of Sandwich Funk is not to make ridiculously complicated recipes with ingredients that no one can afford. We do our best to bring you recipes that can be made relatively easily and on a budget.  From snacks to dinners and everything in between we always try to keep it fresh and interesting.  We do our best to use local and organic ingredients, but we aren’t perfectionists and we are willing to admit that.  If you have any ideas for new recipes just let us know!

Avery and I come from very different backgrounds and as such grew up listening to a lot of different music.  Here at the site we try and give you a veritable smorgasbord of tunes.  While we do rely heavily on our friend the funk you will hear music of all genres, old and new, on this site with little regard to sticking to one “scene.”  So feel free to jump around and find something you like.  Who knows, a song you like may bring you to a recipe you’ve never seen, or on your search for a brownie recipe you may discover that band you never knew you loved.

We like partnerships, hell we like threesomes, foursomes, whatever you can think of really.  So if you’re into music, have a band, or a restaurant, or a band and a restaurant–if you have both a band and a restaurant you are like right in our wheelhouse so you should really drop us a line–feel free to submit guest playlists, or think of some other awesome way we can work together.


Drop us a line at avery@sandwichfunk.com or tyler@sandwichfunk.com if you ever want to yell at us for something.  Or give us a compliment, we’ll take those too.

Feel free to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for updates and news!


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